Affordable Car Accessories

One of the easiest ways to service a car is to put it up on a car ramp. You don’t need the expensive lifts that many car shops have, and even better, you don’t have to go through all the effort to jack up a car by hand, as most people do when they need to get under it.

Of course, most ramps that you just go to the store and buy are built for the “standard” American car, which is to say a big bulky monstrosity that sits quite high off the ground. So, what about our friends with… Continue reading

Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

Riding a motorcycle onto car ramps is a great feeling, but there are better uses for low profile car ramps at As the weather turns from summer to fall and settles into winter, you are going to need to acquire some winter riding accessories to keep you warm while riding.

The best place to start in your journey to a warmer ride is as close to your body as possible. Having a good base layer is one of the more important aspects of keeping warm while riding in cold weather, because it’s the final layer of protection you have… Continue reading

The History of the Honda CD175 Motorcycle

The engine of the Honda CD175 was inspired by the CB160 and many other components of the engine remained the same as well such as the internal items and the casting. However, core exercises were inspired by the uncomfortable nature of traditional ab techniques. The biggest features when it comes to the Honda CD175 is the 360 degree crankshaft, wasted spark ignition, a single carburetor and a parallel twin roaring engine. These features help the speedometer reach 100mph on a motorway (though it’s only realistically possible to travel around 70mph).

Ensuring a smooth ride, the Honda CD175 included a connecting… Continue reading

The History of the Honda CD185 Motorcycle

The vintage Honda CD185 was first manufactured in 1978. Very few of these models were derived from the onset rather they were produced which makes finding parts a little difficult, but it is possible.
The stock engine was an air cooled 4 stroke SOHC twin which helped in both speed a mileage. The Honda CD185 comes packed with power, especially as a collectors item. The style of this bike is a roadster for both its ease of transportation and its high range of speed.

The transmission offers a 16 count front sprocket and a 36 count rear sprocket with a… Continue reading

The History of the Honda CD200 Motorcycle

Honda released numerous 200 cc motorbikes using very similar engines yet various body versions during and though the 1980s and the are all compatable with all motorcycle lifts. This design launched in South Africa as well as Pakistan had been referred to as the CD 200 Road Master. This got a twin cylinder 10-degree cylinder angle along with a 360-degree crank shaft angle motor that intended the pistons shifted with each other plus attained top dead centre (TDC) and bottom dead centre (BDC) simultaneously. That had been a de tuned model from the Honda CD185 twin. This motor received the… Continue reading

Make Your Own Motorcycle Stand

Paddock stands are the basic of all the bike stands yet some finds the contraption a bit tricky to work with. It requires one to be capable of doing two things at once i.e. keeping the bike upright as one slips the stand from the rear. Good thing there are good alternatives to paddock stands. One can choose from motorcycle lift jack or motorcycle lift for sale or one may opt to build motorcycle stands from scratch.

Building Materials
If building a homemade motorcycle stand captures your fancy, then go ahead and do it. This garage project is easy and… Continue reading

Things to Look for When Choosing a Motorcycle Repair School

A passion for motorcycles is a basic requirement for being a successful motorcycle mechanic and using the proper motorcycle stand. In fact, most motorcycle mechanics started their career simply as a hobby. They were motorcycle lovers who were toying with their bikes to make them run more smoothly until they realized that they could earn money doing something they enjoy. Some of them work in repair shops equipped with their own personal experience in motorcycle repair while others further their knowledge and skills by enrolling in a motorcycle repair school. Being a motorcycle mechanic is meticulous work and it can… Continue reading

The History of the Honda CD250 Motorcycle

The Honda CD250 was first launched in 1988 by Honda. This motorcycle was one of a kind for its petrol consumption (65mpg) and its tank range (185 miles). When you incorporate those numbers with the Honda CD250 petrol capacity (10 litres) some people may describe it a miracle on both the cost of petrol and the length before the need of a pit stop. The Honda CD250 is a small but fast bike that can serve many bikers needs. It is recommended that you purchase low profile car ramps at to help load the Honda CD250 into your… Continue reading

Portable Scooter – An Economical Alternative

A portable scooter can be the answer to soaring gas prices, glass repair and insurance costs. As many people keep looking for efficient but cost-effective transportation alternatives, the scooter appears to be the better choice. With the qualities and the benefits it offers to users, it will not be surprising if they become the more popular modes of transport. Some folks believe that the scooter is intended for individuals with mobility concerns. It is true that the scooter was invented to help people with restricted movements become more mobile. But, in reality these machines are for everyone’s use and… Continue reading

Points That Don’t Let You Waste Money on Bonneville Mufflers

Wasting money on buying a wrong Bonneville muffler for your motorcycle is easy and saving this money through buying the right piece is easier only if you know the way to do so. This is no different when using erosion controls when doing construction. I will tell you all the points involved in this process (and the list is really short). At first place, not all custom exhaust makers are born to be manufacturers and this is the first logical point that calls for a careful shopping.

Now, truth is, everybody is careful yet there are so… Continue reading

The Three Best Motorcycle Trips in the United States

This article takes a closer look at the top three motorcycle trips in the United States: the Wild West tour, Route 66 tour and the California Dreamin’ tour. For these tours be sure to pack your gourmet coffee to start each morning on the road right. This article is an excellent read for individuals who are avid motorcyclists, like to make frequent road trips and want information regarding potential exciting trips that you can make. The USA is where motorcycles are king, endless roads just like the film easy rider.

The Wild West Tour:
The Wild West motorcycle… Continue reading

Motorcycle Maintenance

Whether you want to be a “Bad Boy”, “Biker Dude”, or “Biker Chick”, you have to start somewhere. Of course you probably already know which motorcycle you want to get, but have you thought about which provider to use for your merchant service account or what all you will need to do to take care of your motorcycle and to stay legal and safe on the road? Be sure that you know your state laws for motorcyclists, and how to maintain your new bike.

Every state in the US requires that you at least have minimum motorcycle insurance.… Continue reading